Proof of God 22

Proof of God! What way? God is divine. A reservoir of infinite happiness! How are you going to perceive it? Refer to The Permanent Solution. There in the course of reading you’ll find why it is not possible to render proof of his divine personality. Yet there is sufficient Logic and experiences of persons (Saints) to testify existence of God.

To be precise, you can render proof for only those things that lie within domain of your senses, mind and intellect. God invariably lies beyond senses, mind and intellect.

Again you believe in so many without any proof including your father! You don’t have proof that the person you are calling Dad is really your father. Don’t get annoyed! I just want to point out that it is only with God that you expect proof and you don’t want to believe in Him. The only way to settle doubts about His existence is to believe in Him, work out some spiritual exercises and see it yourself.