God And Maya 4

Prakriti (This World) or Maya is real. God is real. We can either perceive Maya or God. It is like viewing white colour through red transparent paper. It appears Red. Paper is real. Light is real. But we can remove the paper that is in between Light and eyes. You will find real form of God. That is through Maya or Prakriti we perceive distorted version of God. If we are successful in removing the layer of Prakriti or Maya, which is between God and us, You can realise real and infinite happiness that is associated with God. Therefore after reaching destination, you visualise the same WORLD in which you are staying as PLACE OF DIVINE HAPPINESS.
The focus must be on cause because of which we are under spell of Maya. Because of which we cannot turn to God. That cause then leads to sufferings. Thus the only cause of sufferings is materialistic desires. This is the reason why we do not take God and Spiritualism seriously. Another problem is desires cannot vanish. Then the only solution remain is to divert all thinking to Divine area.