Fate And Action 4

Let us take stock of what is within our control and what is not.
Consider situation that a person suffers loss of his child.
Loss of child is something beyond your control.
How to respond to the situation is within your control.
1. One thinks “See how cruel God is! He has deprived me of my son!”
2. Another thinks “Well, where there is life there is death. Why to blame God?”
3. Yet another thinks “O! God is so kind! He saw that I had been getting attached to my son! So he removed the obstacle that was inhibiting my spiritual growth! He is really compassionate and kind!”

In spiritual realm you get paid for your thinking. When someone exploits another for his own gains, he is inviting trouble for him in future lives while the one who is suffering is paying for his misdeeds of past. Thus second person is finishing his bad spell while the first one will be subjected to distress in future.

Situation, therefore, does not point to God as culprit but to you for your distorted thinking in past. Just try to see compassion of God in all situations however adverse they are and you will notice how speedily you progress in your spiritual venture.