Evolution 4

As far evolution, I personally believe that there is no such process. Regarding the creation of universe I can tell you that even God does not create it. There is very important principle, which states that “Something, which is existing, will never cease to exist and something, which is non-existent, will never come into existence.” Changes in form are permissible. Therefore there cannot be any new creation. God releases the universe that he was holding it with him and we call it as creation of universe. All souls according to their deeds occupy position in respective species. The objective of his doing so is that souls can try for their liberation. They are under the captivity of ignorance since time infinite. They can liberate themselves only when they”re in human form. To get human form they may have to cross ladders of other species. Again depending on what they do when they get human form their future is decided.
When God find that the very purpose for which universe is created is totally lost, He destroys it and again re arranges at the time of creation. It again falls down and the cycle continues.