Dualism and non-dualism – 2 2

Our discussion points out that happiness is in fact a supernatural power. We call it as God. Similarly LOVE is supernatural power. In simple terms we can define love as “Will to make your beloved happy without caring for your state of affairs”. You need to ponder over four aspects of

Love itself.
One who Loves (Subject of Love).
Whom love is offered to. (Object of love).

When you Love you try to cling to your object not because you want your happiness but to think that what will be fate of your beloved if you won’t get any chance to make him happy. You cannot force Him anyway. If he does forsake you, you still Love the same object. There are occasions when you”re so absorbed in thoughts of your beloved that you start behaving as if you were him. Even to have this state, Love must be present always. It cannot melt.