Doing Nothing 6

Few important points regarding surrender to God. Do you know what is it?
It is not doing anything!

When you surrender to doctor, you go by his instructions; you surrender yourself to him. But in this case it is not possible for doctor to control your intellect by penetrating into it.
When you surrender to God, he penetrates into your intellect and takes all decisions for you. You are not doing anything. That’s the GOAL. Not the beginning. We”ll have to reach that stage and for that we need to take a lot many efforts.
I”ll narrate the famous episode from Mahabharat.

Draupadi was to be stripped of her clothes in a packed courtroom. She first relied on her husbands; no help came. Then she relied on elders in the courts, then on her own force. When nothing seemed to be working, she called Lord throwing herself totally to Him and then only he saved her from ignominy. That explains when God comes to you. Only after you throw yourself to Him and only Him.
To reach this stage of course we”ll have to do something.