Divine Love (Base for acquisition) 2

When you think of Supernatural Love and ways and means of attaining it, Karma and its bearings or Fruits are as inevitable as Action and Reaction is in physical world. If there is no fruit is associated with karma (Karma is always regarded as work of mind in spiritual parlance and goes the famous quote “Mind is the sole cause of liberation or bondage”) you will not derive anything even though you practice any discipline. And when you claim that you can shape your future, you concede that whatever you have now (for example this life itself) is the result of something that you had done sometimes in your past lives. Actions will produce results provided results are associated with actions. If you do not believe this, how do you propose to acquire supreme happiness? Objective this club is to discuss supreme happiness and supernatural Love.

Divine Love is power that makes all-powerful God to be after you like any other boy following his darling. It MUST bring something infinite to you. Till that point we”re not in receipt of true or divine Love. Let us not get deceived.

Meditation is essentially concentrating on God as Supreme Being. Love is to visualize God as your own beloved. A big difference!

Love is something which all of us well versed at. We love some person or other. To attain the supreme bliss you just need to replace the target of your love from material persons to divine God. Rest all procedures remain same.