Divine Cure 5

We need healing. That is to say there are sufferings. What is their cause? If there is divine cure, why the divine power, which is supposed to be omnipotent, does not shower the cure on all those who are suffering. Why can’t we prevent someone from dying? It is simply because the root causes of sufferings are the deeds of many lives. And unless there is guarantee that one may never get engaged in the kind of deed that caused the sufferings, no one including God, who is source of all divine powers can do anything about our pains. Had it been possible for him, he would have done so without your calling him for rescue. The process, however, is that we must get over the desire that was the cause of the deed which in turn subjected us to sufferings. Unless heart is pure, no one should expect that his or her sufferings would come to an end.

Well, you have got it. Only one thing remains, when we try to heal, what are we aiming at? Are we aiming at symptoms or the cause of the disease?

If the viruses are not removed, healing will be of not much sense, as disease would surface again. A doctor must tell patient the origin of pains and sufferings and prescribe his medicine accordingly. That what I find lacking with divine cure in particular. You must direct your patient to overcome the root cause, which is desire. And you are aware that as long as there is mind, desires will be there. You cannot stop them. It can end only if mind is engrossed permanently with the happiness that never fades. In such situation, mind cannot make any desire for it is continuously engaged in something else. That’s the solution. To direct our desires from material to spiritual area. And eventually end up in securing the infinite and eternal happiness