Decision and liking 8

I”ve noticed is there is tendency to distinguish between heart and mind. I’m interested in knowing the differences. Decision and liking could be very different. For example if exams are approaching, student will study although he may not enjoy it. His mind actually wants to play, go for dancing and so on. We therefore cannot go by what our mind is interested in. Spiritual theories must be attended to. Our mind will not of its own turn to God. You”ll have to decide that I must think of GOD as my only beloved, my only well-wisher and HE is the only one who is everything to me. But love alone does not work. Theoretical knowledge is also equally important. Why LOVE God and not man? Why Devotion is better than any charity Work or than any other work of humanity? What way every one is related to God? Why are the theories that do not involve seeking Divine or Infinite happiness totally rubbish? Why are we at present away from God? Why mind demands pleasures of this world? Why is it necessary to think of him and only him? So many whys! One must get answers to all queries.

No practical is possible without theory.

I think we should not deny that our selection is always based on what could be the best course of action to achieve desired gains. Again we set our Goal on what could be the BEST that can be achieved with our abilities and resources.