Where have the value systems gone. 3

Where have the value systems gone.

All of us would have heard our parents speaking about good values like truth, honesty, respect for elders, obedience etc. Individual values and virtues seems to be fast going towards extinction. There is definite pattern of negative values like corruption, youngsters going astray, much against the parent’s wishes and commands.

I may not have experienced, but definitely read about the value systems that were imbibed during the ages of GURU-Sishya parampara. It is believed that the respect to elders, teachers, parents, being straightforward, and humility were firmly entrenched into the heart and minds of the students. Now after the modern education system taking over from the traditional GURU-Shishya form, the imparting of value systems has taken lower importance to wealth acquisition and other aspects of competitive living.

Just as the atmosphere is being polluted by all aspects of industrilisation, the modern education also seems to be polluting the minds with negative values in the society.

Individuals are not born with any values. It is to be provided to the younger generation, by imparting good values by seniors and setting examples for them to observe and assimilate.

The family is the first school for imparting good value systems. If the family practices good value systems, then the society and consequently all around would be representatives of the practice of value systems leading to a strong and capable society.

Respect for Elders, Caring for the aged, being sensitive to the handicapped, Honesty, Loyalty, discipline are some of the virtues which have to be revived, quickly and efficiently for the society to survive. Otherwise the doomsday is not very far.