Significance of Comments in Blogs 4

Comments by its very definition, indicates that it should convey some thoughts relevant to the post or the contents. It invariably should be a critical explanation on articles or posts. The critical views may be positive or negative. It is also most times, a personal opinion or inference.

The negative comments from others should not be treated as personal affront and should be taken as a critical review for improving the quality of articles. However, the positive comments should be weighed very carefully as those are the ones which invariably divert the author very easily, as sometimes there could be comments which could be flattery.

Now coming to the specifics of comments in blogging, the comments have become more of a count or points increasing strategy. Invariably the comments hardly have any relevance to the post. There is also no quality comments or critical thoughts exchanged. The comments that one generally see is “I Agree”. “Absolutely correct”, “Thanks” etc. and sometimes even totally unrelated thoughts, more of marketing the author of the comment. This comments can have one sole, purpose and that is to gain easy points.

The site administrators generally see through such naive bloggers and promptly ignore such worthless comments while computing the points eligibility.

Sincere advice to all Bloogers who post comments is to read the blogs thoroughly, understand the contents, analyse, do a critical review and then post their comments. In fact a commenting on a blog is a much tougher job, than creating a blog. So please do not take it easy, as it improves the quality of bloggers and blogging.