Qualities of Good Human being 5

Human beings born into this world or of various colours and hue. Similarly the characteristics and character of each individual varies. There is one generally accepted level of character, which each individual will have to strive to achieve and that is good character.

Ego in every human being is present, which normally is hyperactive. This is one of the things which one needs to subdue or overcome. Once this is controlled automatically the “I” or AHAM and “MINE” to a large extent is also subdued.

The heart and mind play a significant role in defining the character, and to give a proper definition to the character, one has to have a lot of compassion to all fellow human and other living beings. As an extension, one should be ever willing to forgive the folly of others.

The tongue is another important aspect of the human nature, which tends to loose control resulting in words spoken which could result in disturbing the environment. In order to maintain stability, one should have a strict control over what one speaks.

There should be a strong urge to be firm in whatever good intentions are actions that one performs and will have to have a balance among all emotions, which will enable one to take victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow all in ones stride.

Lat but not the least, one should be prepared for anything, while at the same time does not get perturbed on any eventuality.

Each may have ones own version of Good Qualities, but what ultimately matters is that it should result in the person understanding himself, be happy and also ensure that no one else is troubled because of ones qualities.