Mobile Confusions and embarassments 4

The Mobile revolution has not only brought in a lot of comforts in terms of connectivity, communication convenience and more importantly the relief from the bureaucratic Govt. telephone dept., but also introduced a lot of disadvantages, some embarrassing encounters and some humorous situations.

Many would be aware of the disadvantages and so I would not dwell on that aspect, however I would definitely take a peek at the embarrassing encounters and humorous situations, as it would definitely in a lighter vein and make the topic a little bit more interesting.

The bluetooth and handsfree technology of the mobile devices has definitely lead to several embarrassing situations. These days you see many either on the streets or restaurants talking over their mobiles, waving their arms and almost to the point of making one believe that they appear to be trying to communicate with us. Not for a moment realizing that it is the communications technology, that is servicing the user of the mobile, one approaches the mobile user in the hope that one is being invited into a conversation, only to be laughed at and brought to an embarrassing situation to wriggle out. Iam reminded of one of earliest mobile advt., where a beautiful young lady alone in a restaurant is conversing with someone with an almost invisible mobile. There is also a smart middle aged man sitting in an adjacent table. The young lady was calling out “Care to join me for dinner”, probably inviting some one to join her, which this man not realizing that she was communicating over a mobile, thinks as an invitation to him, and sheepishly goes towards her table, only to be taking an order for a black coffee. That is for embarrassment.

Coming to the aspect of humorous confusion, before the advent of the bluetooth or handsfree technology, if one finds someone talking to themselves alone without anybody around and with all their limbs moving in all directions, it will be very easy to identify the person as a mentally deranged person. But now that has become extremely difficult. You may not know when you are passing though such persons, whether the person is communicating over the mobile or the person is a genuine mentally imbalanced person.

That is mobile technology for all.