Mental Self defense 2

Self defense (The mental and the physical state)

When ever human beings encounter troubled situations, the mind, sets up a self-defense mechanism to counter the situation. This is a normal reaction expected out of every human being. However the degree of self-defense could vary from individual to individual.

The reasons for the self-defense mechanism to slacken could be due to several reasons. Most of reasons are due to the, negative feelings and vibes, the society around us, competition, work tension etc. As a result of the negative vibes, one looses the power of reasoning, thus causing a mental imbalance and loss of individuality.

The visible symptoms are reflected by the fact that one tends to act in a manner contrary to ones normal behavior and some times the actions could be self-inflicted pain or acting in a way that obstructs the progress of others. There are also signs which may not be visible but would be reactions out of self-pity, closing of oneself from all forms of communication, pessimism etc.

In order that one develops a self-defense mechanism to fight against situations arising out of negative attitudes, one has to be wary against the failure of the self-defense mechanism and its causes, symptoms, effects and actions. A positive and nothing is impossible attitude along with mental and physical exercise would bring in the necessary attitude to be of a strong mental state and thereby develop the mental self defenses during any emergency situation.