Membership in multiple blogging sites 14

Blogging as I understand is a recording of ones original thoughts in the world of web space. It is also a showcase of ones creative talent presented in a cogent and thought provoking written form.

Iam sure everyone will also agree, that to present ones thoughts, requires a lot of time and effort. Even the most prolific of writers have these limitations. It is extremely difficult to churn out reams and reams of contents.

Considering the current point of discussion, I have no clue as to how the current day generation of bloggers is able generate contents by dime a dozen. But from my experience of blogging in a very short span of 2 months, Iam able to surmise, one key factor. That is copying contents that are not theirs. There are others who participate in many similar blogging sites simultaneously, and post the same contents probably their very own, in all of them.

Most blogging sites have certain norms, which clearly prohibit copying contents across sites, even if those be of ones own. Despite these stringent norms, bloggers ignore such clauses with no conscience.

Membership to multiple blogging sites, is clear lack of loyalty and adherences to norms. Such bloggers fail to realize that this is only leading to the death of most blogging sites. And these are the bloggers who are solely responsible.

I hope all will be aware of the story of the hen, which laid golden eggs. A hen used to lay a golden egg everyday and the farmer was quite happy. One day greed overtook him. He wanted to have all the golden eggs from the hen in one day and so ripped the chicken apart , only to find that there were no golden eggs in it.

The story of MIDAS is also another classic example of how greed kills ones happiness. The gift out of greed which he got was the golden touch, which lead him to convert everything that he touched to gold. He touched his beloved daughter and she too was turned to gold. Even the food of his turned to gold. Despite all the gold, he was totally lost man.

My sincere advice to all bloggers is do not kill this golden goose. Make money, but chose different forms of money-making options, like pay per click. Paid to view etc, but do not opt for the same type in more than one blogging site. If your not happy with one move over to another, but do not show partial loyalty to all.