Live Life with a purpose 5

Life without a purpose is like a Tree without leaves. If one has observed nature and all its resources, every one of it has some purpose which it serves. Most trees and plants provide fruits, vegetables, flowers etc. Even a tree like the banyan tree provides shade, spreading itself to a very large area giving the cool comfort for the weary and tired, from the heat of the sun. The river takes it course with an ultimate objective of mixing with the ocean, but even this has purpose, providing irrigation and water support to the inhabitants all its way through. The purpose of the sun needs no explanation, without which life in this planet would never have come to stay. If a more in-depth view is taken, all of nature and natural resources have a purpose serving others and not themselves.

As human being, we need to learn a lot of things from nature. How many of us live with a purpose. Off course many do have a purpose and work towards that. But those are primarily with a purpose of satisfying ones own needs. Such purposes are fine so long as one doesn’t live exclusively for oneself. Living exclusively for ones own needs become a life of selfishness. After all one has to satisfy ones own personal needs before one can attempt at looking to live with some purpose for the sake of others.

The purpose of satisfying our wants should be more with a view to serve others rather than the other way around. It shouldn’t be like a business man hosting a party, where the objective is more to network and generate more business and profit.

Lead a life of Purpose, taking care of your minimum wants and the major purpose of your life should be towards humanity as a whole.