Life – Wheel of Fortune 5

Life as we all know is a process of evolution. The path one traverses through life has on its way a lot of lessons to be learnt. Some are learnt the hard way while some with ease and happiness. Thus life has to go through troubles and pleasantries. How one handles is subjective, but there are always precedence and examples in front, for one to assimilate. The wheel of fortune is one such, which when understood properly will bring in a lot of solace.

The wheel of fortune has a marker, which goes around when rotated. It has its ups and downs. The rotation is a process and the marker follows the paths. Similarly, life is like a wheel of fortune and that too has its ups and downs.

If one were to sit and rue over the downs of life, everything stops like the Fortune wheel marker. On the other hand if one thinks positive and understands that there is going to be an upswing, which is to follow, life will be the best of things, which can be cherished.

The wheel of life should never be allowed to stop on our own, and our aim which is the marker should always try to take the upswing direction.