Learning Disability 2

During the days when child psychology, IQ grading were all very primitive, the children who were performing below par, where subjected to humiliation by every one including the family members. This resulted in the psyche of the child totally shattered leading to disastrous consequences.

The research into the child psychology and IQ grading techniques have improved significantly. It is upto the parents to understand that the child may have a learning disability and could be very easily diagnosed and suitable remedial action could be taken in a timely manner, if they approach special educators and education psychologists.

Autism, Dyslexia are some of the learning disabilities which could be very easily identified and probably even as early as age 5 or 6.

Iam wrting this as a parent with a child who is dyslexic resulting in reading, writing and as a result comprehension problems. A simple symptom is that these children read the word “ON” as “NO”. Write the letter “b” as “d”. Iam sure people would be able to appreciate the learning difficulties the child would have with this sort of a problem. If parents and teachers do not understand the problem in the child the child would turn out to be a mental wreck.