Key to successful relationships 5

Key to successful relationships

Society as we all know consists of several individuals forming a cluster or group or family. Each individual has behavioral and emotional traits, which has a definite bearing and impact on others within the group. This effect could be termed as a relationship between individuals or groups of individuals in the group or family or society.

The behavioral or emotional traits could be good or bad which decides the type of relationship. The significance of relationship will be best understood within the concept of a family, which could be extended to the society as a whole. The quality of the family and the type of relationship that exists between the various members of the family depends on the behavioral traits of the individuals who form the family as a unit.

The success of family depends on how good; the relationship amongst all the members is being maintained. There are several key behavioral traits, which strengthen good relationships. Each one of the individual members must trust one another, and ensure that each care for the other and cooperate. There should also be large heartedness in overlooking minor issues and also not blow things out-off proportion. Sometimes it will be good if there are no expectations amongst the members of the family, as any expectations if unfulfilled, could lead to strained relations. Finally if everyone in the family look after the comforts of the others with care and loving attitude, things will be lot good for the family as a whole.

Any family filled with individuals who meet the good behavioral traits, definitely will be pat of a successful and a happy family. The relationships survive and the family also survives. Any deviations from the norms of good behavioral traits lead to disastrous consequences, leading to breaking up of the family.

The society today is seeing a lot of old age homes which can be directly ascribed to the breaking up of family relationships. This in turn is due to non-conformance to good behavioral traits in the family unit.

Our priority today will be to stop the growth of old age homes, for which we need to understand and practice good behavioral trait.