Karma 14

It is a general belief that there is life after death and the quality of that life depends on the actions that one performs, good or bad during ones life span. The intention of this article is whether or not there is life after death or that the effect of karma is translated to the next birth, but the reasons and need in such beliefs.

Every one goes through miseries and happiness in ones life. Fear is the most susceptible form of emotion in Human nature. This state is used ideally to imbibe the thought of karma so that human beings act in a manner which will give them a sense of belief that, what ever they are experiencing in this birth are part of their Karma and in order to be better off in the next birth, individuals will work towards doing good deeds.

Karma can be considered as a driving force for human beings to perform good deeds and avoiding bad ones. The acts of Karma can be experienced even in the current life span, whether good or bad.

Good deeds Give happiness while bad deeds definitely provides only miseries.