Indian Hockey ““ Out of Olympics 4

India’s dream of participating in the coming Olympics went into thin air as they failed to qualify. India was beaten by Britain in the qualifying final.

This is the first time since 1928, when Indian hockey team has failed to be part of the Olympic team. It is a shame, that the game, which had, produced stalwarts like Dyan chand, Ajit Pal Singh, Govinda etc. is in deep trouble of disappearing from the Indian sports arena. It is also of grave concern that the game of Hockey, which is the national game of India has been treated so shabbily.

The concerned officials responsible for the development of the game, are primarily to be blamed for the poor administration. The public and the media are also responsible for such a state of affairs. The focus and media attention has been given to one game, there by filling the coffers of the concerned body and its players and in the process making the media also richer. All of you know the game which I am referring.

Unless the same kind of media attention, importance and funding is done to the game of hockey, we will not be able to generate quality players to take up this game. The development and monitoring has to to take place at the grassroot levels for it to see some ray of hope to survive.

I hope this failure to qualify for the Olympics is taken up seriously by all concerned and put a strong system in place to ensure the development of the game.

Let us all hope that the National Game of Hockey see brighter days ahead.