I am Studying for exams!!! 7

Many would be wondering including eblogs admin as to why my interaction in this site has reduced considerably in the last couple of weeks. The topic of this blog may also surprise many. But the fact is that Iam studying for my sons exam. This also may be intriguing to many.

The fact is that my son is DYSLEXIC and has reading, writing and memory retention deficiency. He is appearing for 10th board exams conducted by the National Institute for Open Schools starting April 16th. I will have to read for him every lesson slowly and several times and explaining the various aspects in a detailed manner and in several forms and methods. This is taking every minute of time and as a result I have not been able to concentrate on topics, which I would want to write on.

I hope to be back in full steam by the first week of May.

Till then I hope all of you enjoy a happy and cordial blogging.