Housewives Whole time Business partner 6

There is a general belief that housewives are unpaid workers and that they do not get any financial benefit for the work performed. This may be obvious as there are no actual financial transactions exchanged, but what is not obvious is the fact that they enjoy an almost equal share of the income brought in by one of the partners.

A logical reasoning of the entire process will throw a better understanding of the reality. A very crude understanding of the family as a business unit will throw some light on the entire mis-conception. In this business the husband and wife are the partners wherein one of them is an investor and the other a working partner. In any business there should be atleast one partner who should be a whole time working partner, only then will any business be successful. There is money pumped, there are purchases made, investments done and in all of this the working partner has an equal responsibility.

The money that is brought in as income by one of the partners is equally shared, though not physically, and the contributions towards the household expenses can be treated as an equal contribution from both the partners. Any investments made from the savings, by way of property etc, the other partner becomes the legal heir and have equal rights over it.

If there is a physical split of the income between the partners and then subsequently for every household transaction, the contribution comes from each of the partners, then it would send wrong connotations to certain activities, enjoyed by either of the partners. I do not want to be explicit about the specific activity as to most it would be obvious.

Moreover the current day educated housewives have complete control over the finances. My humble request to all is not to degrade the concept of housewives into an unpaid worker category. It should be taken as a working partner, enjoying an equal share as a legal heir.