Heart over Mind – Change the world for better 5

The recent events of kidney sale racket has taken, most of the time space in all the media channels. But then this has been going on for several decades and each time such issues crop up, enough time is spent on the issue per-say, without looking into the modalities of avoiding recurrences of such inhuman acts.

It is absolutely true, that one of the noblest profession is under the scanner. But to be honest, greed knows no humanity and it is all pervading.

Why talk of just one profession and the related acts of inhuman activities. Everyone in this world who donot have their hearts in the place it ought to be, are the slaves of greed.

Havent you seen the movie “COMA” which came a couple of decades back. The depiction of the movie was much worse. Atleast in this case the donors most times volunteer to sell their kidneys for a sum, to cover for their financial weakness. Whereas in the movie, it depicts, healthy patients turned into vegetables, with a sole objective of utilising their vital organs.

The world can change to a better order, only when the heart wins over the mind.

The mindset has to change. The people will have to change for the better. Peace shall always be a dream if greed takes over the mind and the heart.