Global Warming – change in weather Conditions 3


Global warming has become a hot topic and its grave reactions have not really hit the minds of the general public. The gross abuse of the environment due to constant expelling of pollutants have not been taken seriously both by the industries, the general public and the concerned authorities controlling pollution.

The effects of global warming are showing its signs for people to take urgent and immediate corrective measures. The reason I am writing, this is because of the sudden change in Chennai’s weather. Chennai has always been very hot starting from January till probably August. But this seems to be changing. The weather has unusually been pretty pleasant and the temperatures have not soared. In fact the morning temperature is pretty cold these days. Added to this the last couple of days have seen fairly heavy showers of rain, not the one-off kind but fairly consistent rain throughout the day.

Though it may seem to be a pleasant change, all this doesn’t augur well for all of us. It is time all of us understand what global warming is, what causes this effect and its implication.

Global warming awareness and knowledge of corrective measures should be the top priority among all throughout the world.