Freedom in Friendship 4

Starts of as Acquaintanceship,
Buds into comradeship,
Flowers into fellowship,
Enrolls into a membership,
Of close circle called friendship,

Ultimate in freedom
This is no fiefdom,
Knows no boredom,

The heart the witness for such partnership,
Written with such penmanship,
Ensures that the friend faces no hardship,
Ever-effervescent kinship,
Neither attempting on one-upmanship,

Distrust that happens seldom,
Entrust with great wisdom,
This is no stardom.

Thus is the relationship,
Which is worthy of worship,
And that could be only FRIENDSHIP.

A good friends wishes,
Like food with sweet dishes.
The sorrows we forget,
The joy so immense we get.
The start of the day,
Thoughts of you every day,
Holds the sway,
and no way I can stay away.
True friends together we stand,
sure the feelings we understand.
Tracking all the motions,
Part taking with emotions.