Fraudulent Experience Certificates 7

Fraudulent Certificates

Technology has been a boon for many, but at the same times it has been grossly misused by some. I would not dwell into all aspects of the misuse as it would involve several volumes of written content. I would therefore restrict this article to one aspect, in which I have personally been affected.

Some of the current day software professionals are the prime culprits of the misuse of technology. They all live in ivory towers, thinking that they have no responsibility towards their existing employers and switch jobs, without giving proper notice and going through a proper exit procedure. As a result such people do not have the necessary relieving orders and experience certificates. But they are least bothered. They know for sure that they can generate a fake certificate as good as the original. Here is where the photocopying and DTP technology is being misused. They take a color photocopy of the offer letter which they would have received, masking the contents, thus generating a letterhead. With this blank photocopied letterhead, they generate the necessary experience certificates and relieving orders. The signature of-course is also scanned from the offer letter and the same placed in the fake certificates.

The companies in the past couple of years have realized this fraudulent practice being adopted by the professionals, and have started outsourcing the certificate verification process to firms exclusively performing this task. The verification agencies send the copies of the certificates to the concerned companies asking for a confirmation of issuance.

I have had the unfortunate experience of validating such certificates, received from verification agencies. Being in a position for issuing offer letters and experience certificates, I have had atleast 3 instances when software professionals have generated fake certificates and submitted to other companies.

My humble request to all such people is not to adopt such fraudulent practices and ensure that they go through a proper exit procedure from their existing companies, so that their career will not be in jeopardy.