Blogging 4

I have observed people write blogs with some purpose, probably with a sole purpose of exposing ones knowledge. But then I feel that blogs should not be a news channel. There are very many news channels and media which are doing their job, probably several times more professional. The blog will carry an identity only when there is a value addition to it even if it may have picked the concept from a news channel. The value addition goes into the background, when the purpose is for financial gains.

There are also other blogs which appear to be working towards a concept, but the limitation of the finite, fails to do justice to explain the infinite concept. Here again may be I am at fault, not to realize the fundamentals behind the blog.

I also understand that may be Iam not able to see the infinite in finite. People who claim to explain the infinite, explain in finite words (minimum for a blog) and therein lies the communication gap. The objective of any attempt will have served its purpose only when there is some acceptance.