Artfull Living – Control Emotions 2

Life as human beings is something, which we should appreciate with all due respect it deserves. As human beings we are endowed with a special reasoning capacity, which should be utilized to its potential. And that is an art of living, to make life pleasant.

As a sequel to my earlier post, which talks about being happy with what one has, there is another aspect to living, which if practiced makes life pleasant. Emotions as we all know are one of the characteristics of Human beings. As normal human beings, emotions definitely are expressed in various forms. Anger, pathos, affection etc, come out apparent and made obvious to others who are part of the society. This has a definite impact not only on oneself but also on others as well. The impact of such emotions on others could be either positive or negative. In order to avoid any negative effects on others as result of our emotions, may not be completely possible to avoid, but can definitely be controlled. Therefore controlling ones emotions is definitely one of the arts of a good living.