Life is full of glorious uncertainties, and to live it successfully is an art. There can be no set rules put in within specified boundaries. It could at best be broadly classified as guidelines, which could be customized to suit each individual’s choice.

BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. — If everyone has everything, then life would be like being in heaven. But then the fact is that, each is destined to get what one is supposed to enjoy or suffer. But then the natural human instinct starts to compare. The have-nots start to dream of possessing what others have. This is nothing wrong but the ways and means to achieve this objective is generally not straightforward. This results in a lot of ill will causing more sufferings.

Have any one looked at the have-nots and compare with what they possess. It is a rare thought or phenomenon. An able bodied individual will not look at the disabled and take consolation, that he is better off. A man with 2 strong legs is definitely better off than a lame person, or a one eyed person is in a better situation than a man totally blind. A man with two strong legs will only look at an athletes stronger legs and curses himself for not possessing such legs and adopt devious methods like taking steroid to enhance the performance of his 2 legs, or a one eyed man will look at a person who has both the eyes, only to admonish himself with a self abusing psychology.

There is a saying. A bird in Hand is worth two in the bush.

One of the essence of leading a pleasant life is to be HAPPY with WHAT ONE HAS. This can be an ART for a good living.