Artful Living – Respect the person for what he is 7

Life is made up of good and bad all around. It is up to the individual to absorb the good and reject the bad. In the series of Artful Living, I had touched upon some of the aspects which when practiced will make life pleasant. In this march towards a happy living, one of the things which need to be looked into is the philosophy of respecting one and all.

Giving respect does not imply a blind subjugation of oneself. One has to clearly understand the other person by his character and this alone should be the criteria for giving respect or not. Here again, if as per ones evaluation, the character of the other is not good, there should be no show of disrespect, and in such cases the person is best ignored.

All other characteristic like age, status in society, knowledge, wealth, etc, of an individual, must at all times be respected, irrespective of the levels.

One of the art of good living is Respect the person for what he is

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