artful living – Pleasant thoughts 4

Think of everything that is pleasant

In a sequel to my various posts on the art of Living, where in some of the feelings which are supposedly part of life could be practiced, and some avoided. The ones, which provide stability and goodness to one and all, could be practiced carefully while those, which are harmful, can be ignored.

I had indicated that one of the guidelines for a happy living is to be “Happy with What One Has”, the next aspect, which I intend focusing on could be a corollary or a result of being happy with what, one has. Pleasant thoughts generally make life comfortable to oneself and also have a magnetic effect on others as well.

Pleasant thoughts definitely carry an aura around one, which in turn is felt by everyone around. This in turn has cascading effect and the entire atmosphere becomes pleasant. Anything in life has both pleasant and unpleasantness. Appreciate pleasantness and ignore the unpleasant feelings and thoughts, life will definitely be good.

Think of a rose in a rose plant. The rose plant has thorns in it. That doesn’t prevent one from appreciating and enjoying the beauty of the rose. The thorn in the plant is ignored. If one tends to think about the thorn, then unpleasantness sets in and the pleasantness of the rose goes into oblivion.

Pleasant thoughts spread the aroma around and everyone enjoys.

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