Artful Living – At Peace with oneself 3

At Peace with oneself

Life today is moving at a hectic pace, and every where one sees a lot of tension, turbulence, unwanted miseries etc. Has anyone tried to understand the cause for such a state of affairs? There could be several reasons, but that which I could perceive as one of the causes is, people living and setting illusionary state of peace and striving very hard to achieve that state, which invariably is never possible. This inability to fulfill the illusionary peace which varies from person to person is the root cause for all problems and the subsequent reactions.

What is the solution? Here again there could be several answers, one of which is to be at peace with oneself. This is fairly simple to practice and very much within ones control. There are no external factors or persons to be controlled. Try avoiding internal conflicts within one and automatically peace sets within. As peace sets within, one is considered at peace with oneself, which in effect brings in happiness.

Being at peace with oneself, brings peace all around.

– Control Emotions
– Controling Anger
– Controlling Pathos
– Pleasant thoughts
– Respect the person for what he is