Are the Poltiticians practising true secularism? 5

India is claimed to be a true secular country. But is it truly secular and is true secularism being practiced by the politicians who are part of the constitution.? The answer is a definite NO.

Equal opportunities is only on paper in the constitution. Reservations where envisaged and planed for only a couple of decades by those stalwarts immediately after Independence. But this has been extended purely out of political motive by generations of power hungry politicians. Not only has the term been extended, but also the list has been extended to enlist more of so-called socially backward classes.

The minority appeasement has almost been the main agenda promoted by Nehru immediately after Independence, which the Congress has today mastered it to an art.

To quote another important aspect of governance. It is only the Hindu temples, which comes under the Govt. control called Hindu Endowment and charitable ministry. The mosques or the churches are independent and autonomous bodies, with no control of their operations. Especially, the inflow of foreign exchange and the expenditure. Whereas the Hindu temple revenues are plundered by the Govt. Mis-appropriated, misused and swiped clean by the politicos.

One example will clearly indicate the direction the country was planned to proceed during the initial period of Independence. Nehru objected to the Somnath temple being reconstructed from Govt. funds and insisted that the money should be obtained from public for the same. In 1948, Nehru forced Sardar Patel to renovate the mosques from Govt. funds.

The muslims are enjoying the Haj subsidy to Mecca. Today Y S Rajasekhar Reddy the CM of Andhra a staunch Seventh Day Adventist has announced that a bill will be passed for providing subsidy for christians to travel to Israel on similar lines as the Haj subsidy. All these funds for the subsidy are the funds looted by the govt. from Hindu Temples through the Hindu Endowment and charitable ministry. While on the contrary, Hindus will have to pay tax for going to Amarnath temple, in their own land. Isnt this the height of Secularism.

This is actually Pseudo-secularism initiated by Nehru and today it has been mastered into an art.

Jai Hind…