Am I a Problem ““ Your feedback 12

It is almost 2 months since I started blogging and that too only from eblogs. I have not participated in any other similar blogging site, nor will I ever attempt. During the course of my blogging and review of the various blogs even as an ordinary member, I found that there were many who were copying articles from the net and posting in eblogs as there very own. This I found was tantamount to cheating, as payment was on point system on both blogs and comments. There were others who cleverly masked their copied contents and also conveniently split the blogs into multiple parts with a single objective of gaining points. I felt that people were doing gross injustice to eblogs and I started pointing these issues to both eblogs admin as well as to those bloggers. Eblogs recognized my intent and elevated me as an honorary moderator. This many could not digest.

I believe in calling a spade a spade and if this is going to incur the wrath, I wouldn’t mind. Iam today extremely happy that eblog is almost copied content free and also made a few bloggers think and write creative articles of their own.

I would sincerely request each one of you to give your valuable feedback. I shall definitely try to correct wherever I have gone wrong, but will continue to highlight illegal blogging.

If eblogs is of the opinion that Iam a hindrance and of disservice to them, I will be more than happy to move out.

Looking forward to your valuable comments.