Advertisement in bad Taste 4

An advertisement is generally supposed to reflect the company and its products. Some times the advertisement agency which is responsible for the story, script, visual effect etc do not look at the implications of the product it presents.

Iam sure most of you would have seen the advertisement. “HARI SADO”. The subordinate is calling a restaurant to book a table in his boss’s name. The person taking the table booking at the restaurant end is not able to decipher the name and so the subordinate has the audacity to give the name of his boss with alphabet expansion as follows.

H-Hitler, A-Arrogant, R-Rascal, I-Idiot, etc…. This is followed by a commentary, saying that the person has got a placement through a placement company (Deliberately avoided the name). Does this not reflect the kind of professionals the placement company has in its databank. This is also projecting a wrong method to professionals when they exit from a company.

I hope some staff from the placement company does the same to their boss and then they would realize the kind of image they have created for themselves.