Balanced Diet 5

Balanced diet
Balanced diet is most important for your body,teeth and hair .Balanced diet must contain Protein,vitamins,minerals,fiber and carbohydrate.If these are not enough in our body then you will feel very tired and lazy ,your teeth and bones very weak. So we eat a balanced diet and Drink a lot of water (10-12 glass).We avoiding drugs,alcohol and oily food.
A Ideal balanced Diet—–
Breakfast —-
one cup tea – 2 bread ,1 glass milk or Dalia.
2-Roti/ rice
3-lighting cooked vegetable . dal.
Mid after noon–
1- one glass mix fruits juice ,1cup tea (milk made) .
2-Some fruits.
1-one cup veg soup .
2- cooked vegetable or dal with two roti/half bowl rice.
4-Light dessert of your choice with minimum sugar.
If you take balanced diet then you will always healthy and fit.