Sickness and enjoying life 3

Loss of health is one of the manifold misfortunes that may befall humanity. All of joys and happiness, which life can give can not outweigh the sufferings of the sick. Give the sick man everything and leave him with his sufferings, he will feel that half the world is lost for him. Lay him on a soft silken couch; he will nevertheless groan sleepless under the pressure of his sufferings; while the miserable beggar blessed with health, sleeps soundly on the hard ground. Spread the sickman’s table with dainty meals and choice drinks and he will thrust back the hand that proffers them and envy the poor man that thoroughly enjoys his dry crust. Surround the sick with the pomp of kings; let his chair be a throne and his world-swaying scepter, he will look with contemptuous eve on the marble on gold and on purple and would deem himself, could he enjoy, even were it a thatched roof with the health of the meanest of his servants.