Loopholes of Indian Examination System 3

The system of examination, as it exists today, does not at all assess the real worth and intelligence of the candidate. If same answers are judged by two different examiners, we find a lot of difference. One examiner may be liberal and another may be meticulous one, the way of marking differs a lot. The present day examination system is nothing but a matter of chance ,no certainty or reliability can be placed. Most of the students suffer from examination phobia, as the date of examination draws nearer, the students start becoming nervous. Many times, his nervousness so overpowers him, that even his best learnt lessons seem evaporated from his mind. Many times the question paper gives him utter shock, whatever the topics he left out, thinking unimportant or unworthy of appearing in the papers, are there in the paper and topics of important find no place in the paper.

The existing Examination system and procedure of judging one’s ability is so unnatural and faulty that a mediocre student can secure distinction marks and an intelligent may cut a sorry figure. Moreover ,in the present examination system ,excepting the question paper of objective type, only cram work is useful. One ,who possesses good power of cramming, facts and texts, secures good marks rather than an intelligent, who could not cram but analyse in a proper manner. So in my view lots of changes require in our examination system.