KERALA – God’s Own Country 5

I just want to write something about Kerala – a few years back National Geographic had put the Taj Mahal and Kerala on the list of the 50 must see destnations in a life time.
It was a great satisfaction to see Kerala on that list. We call it “God’s own Country” and hope it remains like wise.

Kerala has something to offer everybody…..hillstations, cultural heritage, beaches, backwaters with its houseboats and …for the health conscious there is the rejenuvating Ayurveda.

But what has always been a plesent surprise to me is the greenary which Kerala has.When I travel outside Kerala and come back …be it by air or rail the first sight of greenary is always surprising and refereshing.

For those of you that enjoy travelling and enjoy nature’s beauty I can promise that Kerala will not dissapoint you. The best time is from September to February. March to May is generally very hot and humid and June to August we have rains. But the rains are also really great …thats why the Kerala Govt is now promoting MOnsoon tourism…….

Kerala’s Ayurveda is now catching on ….it is a long term treatment …but has no side effects…..see the number of foreigners flocking to the ashrams….The houseboats of Allapuzha are another must stay……….they float on the Vembanad lake and the food they serve is really great…no television …no newspapers …only blisss……and the toddy is really great…..

The hill station of Munnar has the blue flowering plants which flower once every twelve years…its a must see sight.Keral as I said has something for everybody and to top it up you can visit Kanyakumari …… make your trip complete…..