When does something fail?? When does one loose interest ???

In today’s world ….the answers to both of the above questions is simple – MONEY!!!!
or rather the lack of it.

When a film like CHak De …. could win hearts …and mint money with Hockey as its base its ironic that the same game could not be played with the spirit shown in the film.But where is the real money , sponsership and encouragement for our hockey players……even tennis which only a limited few in our country can afford to play get more coverage on the T.V than hockey.From NATIONAL GAME TO NATIONAL SHAME!!!!

It is high time that the government sat up and took notice …infact they should have done so long back…years back when we slipped down to 3rd , 4th and then 8th spot in the olympic rankings……Money from the better earning sports like cricket has to be diverted to help other sports like Hockey and Football.Not everybody can play cricket…the talented players in the other games should be encoureged and funds can be shared for this purpose…….

Can we start today for the next Olympic games…can each one of start loving hockey as much as we love cricket and make sinceres moves to support the game.With proper support from teh grass root level ..the national game of our country can certainly live up to our expectations….schoools , colleges ,states should be instructed by the government to give a special prefernce to our national game and funds should be provided likewise.If required foreign coaches should be hired….we as a cricketing nation wiht some of the best players in the game are always looking a t foreign coaches for our cricket team ….