ibibo 6

i have been working in ibibo.com since 9 months.i am now facing strange problems with them .once they cutted by 2000 points.no from the last 1month my points 600 is it justified.quality team is playing with me.when i asked a question they are unable to answer it.i am not going to leave the quality team of ibibo. ibibo is trying to create second orkut and destroy the youngsters .just now i email this matter to some editor of daily newspaper in coming day i will take this matter to media . and i request people to give there feedbacks and suggestions or lodge there protest.if ibibo is true let them answer me.i am mailing them from last month but i dint recive a single reply from them it means they are cheaters and cheating people.if they feel they are right whats the problem in giving a reply to this matter.