About tips supply 2

Yesterday i have given a recomendation about lic housing finance and GMR Infra.
One of the member made a comment to me that “What’s the garantee”.
I am saying to all that I have recomended after watching market .
And my fundamental analysis also showed this reasult.
I am a subbroker of anagram securities LTD.But mind that every broker company have a duty to supply tips to his clients.But as a subbroker I also have a duty to verify the tips given by broker company and then supply proper tips.
But fundamental analysis says that “dont here a broker ya subbroker.Just invest of the based of your own knowledge.
Before invest in market folloe some points.
1) What is the business of this company where i have to invest.
2) What is the future of this company ?
3) what’s the future plan of this company?
4) Earning per share
5)What percentage of shares in promoter groups hand?
5)Don’t me a margin trader but be a investor.
7)Dont buy share but buy business of company.
8) Observe about dividend of company.
9) volume of share is more than 40000 in BSE and 1 lks in NSE,its good.
10)If trades is more than 5/min in NSE its good.
I will write points in next time.