I am Expanding! 3

Found this eBlogs and felt releaved to find an outlet to pour out my admirations and aspirations for my beloved state in India – GOA.

I have been indirectly associated with the publishing industry in Goa for past few years yet, I am not much of a reporter and haven’t actively contributed anything significant to the print media. In this eblog I choose to put up all the information I have as a goan for your benefits and give a closer look at Goa.

I will attempt to cover events / news items that catch my attention, happening in Goa for the benefit of the Fans-of-Goa.
Well all you NRI’s and Tourists, do come back to my blog pages in the next few days for more feeds on Goa.

If you want to know any aspect of Goa (positive only), which you feel is not properly reported in any of the current publications I would research and report it here for you.