Does everybody really hate malls???? 6

Call me whatever you want but it makes me wonder what it is about everybody slogging malls these days as they were the latest form of pestilence to strike out our wonderful town of Delhi n NCR.

Anyways last week authorities plan of closing malls in gurgaon for one day of week so that congestion and power shortages could be tackled. Now, malls are being pitched as the reason why traffic comes to a stand still and why gurgaon residents have to depend on their buildings” generator sets for power.

For me all this is tosh. Not only do I like entering these climate controlled special escalator zones of numerous shop front all under one roof. Anyone can enter a mall and spend time without buying anything, it’s a cool hangout point and architectural splendor (it use to fascinate at a point of time).

From a climate controlled environment especially in summers… to branded exclusive outlets.

Somewhere down the line we like malls … say whatever folks but whenever a new mall is constructed we all visit (ok fine coz of kids or friends) just out of curiosity maybe yours or the person you are accompanying …. Is it any how different then rest 

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