Significance of “MATHEMATICS” 4

Mathematics………. the term itself is so significant that some people are so fascinated where as a few r very horrified with the subject itself.
Do we require to learn maths? Can’t we live without maths?
Just imagine world without “MATHEMATICS”. No you can’t.

Mathematics is the science of measurement, quantity and magnitude.

“Mathematics” is the numerical and calculation part of man’s life and knowledge.It helps the man to give exact interpretation to his ideas and conclusions.It enables the man to study various phenomena in space and establish various relationships between them.
It explains that this science is a by-product of our empirical knowledge.
It is useful to sort , organise and ordering various processes. Today the total world is dependent on various gadgets i.e., totally mechanical.Mechanized devices require geometrical or spatial skills.

Mathematical knowledge is useful to understand & interpret matters such as income-tax , graphs , maps etc.
Maths is also the science of logical reasoning. It is creative & intuition is the 1st step towards creativity.
Major discoveries are possible in the world only because of “MATHEMATICS”. Hence start loving maths .