We always try to keep ourselves clean & tidy. As well we clean our houses also.But have u ever thought of the wastes which we are producing & discarding. Are they properly discarded or causing any damage to the society , to the environment?
It is our utmost duty to manage the wastes which are produced by us to be disposed properly.
Do you know a committee of experts were appointed by supreme court inorder to improve waste management.Let us follow those inorder to improve our health conditions.


1. It is important to note the quantity of waste generated per day. computerisation of records will help in having an easily accessible data bank.
2. Wastes should not be thrown on the streets,footpaths,drains,water bodies etc. Violators of the law shall be punished.
3. All should separate wastes like biodegradable & non-biodegradable and keep in separate binsl, so that recycling and disposal will be done easily.
4. Hazardous wastes like batteries, bulbs, insecticides, paints etc., should be kept in special bins.
5. Sweepers should be provided with proper sweeping tools.
6. Wastes stored in bins, containers should be cleaned regularly.
7. Biodegradable wastes can be converted to compost which is helpful for soil & plants.
8. Awareness regarding waste management practices , health risks associated with waste and importance of sanitation needs to be spread among citizens.

If all the complaints regarding waste dumping is dealt immediately and effectively then we are saved & thus our environment is safe and secure.