Red joke 2

A newspaper reporter took interview of Prakash Karat on his re-election as General Secretary of CPM. It was a long interview and some part of it was not to be printed.

Price rise – who will win? 3

Common men are crying under the huge burden of rising prices. Government has been unable to control the prices. Now it is trying to find out excuses or putting the blame on others.


In this post I have tried to share my filmi gyaan with all of you. Below I have mentioned Debut movies of some bollywood super stars.

Sane people in the Insane world 2

Krazzy 4 is film produced by Rakesh Roshan and director by Jaideep Sen. It is about these 4 Insane mental patient, who acts more sane than the normal people in an abnormal situation.

Preview on WELCOME 3

“Welcome” is the recent comedy movie one can watch. The music of the film was disappointing and “Uncha Lamba Kad” is the only song which I can say is a hit song.

26th July at Barista 3

The movie is an example of glory and fighting spirit of Mumbaikars. It is a salute to spirit of Mumbai and world Humanity.

The Value Of America By Uwon (Must Read By Everybody) 2

Please Read Full as u will get very Important Information which i want to give more and more people.

End of Terror Part 3 4

Next morning she goes to the college where she is teaching. Her students, her staff members come to know about the kidnapping part. It’s a bad phase she is going through.

What are Students upto? 5

Students are not interested in studying,
Students are not interested in reading,
They do not believe in hard working,
They want to make fun of preachers,
Who are also their teachers?