ICL 20s World Series News Update 1

Yesterday evening I sat before the TV because it was Sunday. I was quickly shuffling the channels and I stopped at Ten Sports. The reason was ICL XI Vs Pakistan XI match live coverage.

Future Cup 2008 was shared by India and South Africa 2

Hi friends, the 3rd day play between India and South Africa was very interesting. India won the match by 8 wickets and leveled the series 1-1.

Love Songs -Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 2

The movie Love Songs-Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow is done by Jayabrato Chatterjee who is a Journalist-poet-author.

My Birthday 7

It’s my day,
It’s my birthday,
I was born today,
And all thanks to my Mother,
Who is very near,
Who is do dear,
Who took pain,
In return she had a wonderful gain,
In giving me birth,

Noise pollution 3

I am a morning walker. Every morning at 5.00 AM I go to a nearby district park for my morning walk. For last few days, I find the a DG set running with its enclosure open from three sides.

Is hammam main sab nange hain 2

Those who took the governance of independent India in their hands, made promises for creating a classless society. Soon they forgot their promises and started creating new classes to divide and rule.

Negative thought process 3

Most of the politicians have developed a habit of saying something which create unnecessary controversies and hurt others’ feelings.

Congratulations – a friendly joke 2

Pakistan ultimately had elections. President Parvez Musharraf could not postpone it any more. People have given their verdict. Politicians have interpreted peoples’ mandate as per their convenience.

A royal joke 3

It is the time of elections in India’s neighborhood. Bhutan, Pakistan and now Nepal had elections. It is a good sign. On this occasion, I want to share a joke with you.