Selling Avon Products 0

On October 31, 2006, I signed up to become an Avon Representative. Although I haven’t been selling Avon Beauty Products long, I have certainly been enjoying it.

Avon is a wonderful company to work for. They have so many products these days. It keeps me on my toes remembering all the various products that we offer.

Avon has make-up, fragrances for both men and women, jewelry, toys, bath and body products, gifts, decorations and more. They are well know for their reasonable prices and high quality.

You can find all of this at my Avon Website. I sell Avon Products online as well as locally. It has been a great new adventure for me. You could also sell Avon products. If you’re interested please contact me. I can highly recommend working for Avon.

Snowbound 0

I really do like the looks of snow but it can cause a lot of problems when we have a large Winter storm such as the one we had a few days ago in the Midwest.

We received about two inches of ice followed by eleven inches of snow. It was beautiful! The trees glistened in the sunshine when the storm was over. Everything was covered with a thick blanket of white…..including our cars and our driveway.

My husband and I are senior citizens and he can’t shovel too much at a time so we still haven’t dug our way out. I’m afraid to walk on the ice and snow for fear of falling, because I had a bad fall several years ago. I did pull on my boots and walk a while this afternoon. I slid a few times but didn’t fall. I overcame my fear!

I guess being snowbound isn’t too bad as long as you have food in the house and electricity. We have plenty of food and only lost our electricity for about six hours during the night. Being snowbound feels almost like a vacation. When my children were young and school was closed due to snow, they had a vacation from studies and it feels the same to me now.

I never thought my first review would be about being snowbound. I suppose writing about my experiences is a review of sorts. You can be the judge of that!

Welcome to My Review Blog 0

I’m a senior citizen and have tried a lot of products, eaten at a lot of restaurants and used many different services in my lifetime. I will be sharing some of my experiences, opinions and comments about many of these things.

I’ve also recently started selling Avon Beauty Products to supplement our retirement income. I will be reviewing some of their products with you and sharing some of my Avon experiences with you.

I hope you will frequently add your comments to my blog so that I don’t feel as if I’m talking to myself. ha! I will attempt to post new comments and reviews as often as possible so please be sure to check back and see what’s new.